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Fun Facts about Tony

Tony Petry


Tony is the most tenured of The Lordsmen Quartet.  With over 37 years in the Lordsmen ministry Tony has played many important roles.  Originally the drummer, he later played piano, sang baritone and can be found singing the lead part today.  Tony's wife Debbie was an important member of The Lordsmen from 1976-2011.  They enjoyed many miles together on the road growing their family up in the ministry.  Audiences enjoy Tony's lead vocals and spirit led Emcee work night after night. 

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Full Time Career:  Communications Tech Sr.

Home Church:   Elk River Church of the Nazarene

Food:  Pasta fixed just about anyway you can fix it

Vacation Spot:  Cruises or camping

SG Groups:  Gold City

Scripture:  Phil 4:13

Hobbies:  Traveling, fishing

Restaurant:  TGIFridays, Sheetz